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  • East Coast Native

  • West Coast Transplant

  • Using technology for good

  • Curious about AI and innovation


A South Florida native, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Florida with a bachelor's of science in telecommunications: media and society and a minor in innovation and entrepreneurship. My opportunities have helped me build a background of experiences working with people, product, design, and marketing. From which I’ve develop a passion for building and scaling innovative technology globally.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

My startup and entrepreneurial roots go back to the early days of redesigning MySpace pages in 2005. I was coding HTML and had no idea what the future of the internet would become as I powered up AOL. As a child of the Millennial generation, surfing the internet became second nature. I learned how to Tweet just as quickly as I learned my A,B,C's.

Living in a world that constantly and effortlessly shifts and reshapes as entrepreneurs bring new innovations to market. I eagerly watch as we take a mobile-first plunge into an endless stream of opportunities across the world.

Right now, I'm exploring the cozy streets of San Francisco, California - surrounded by some of the brightest minds of our time, building great products across all digital mediums. I strive to constantly learn and develop my skills to better understand the evolution of human experiences in a mobile dominated era.

Design and Human Experience

I’ve spent the last the last 4 years building and shipping mobile and web products, with data, design and human experience in focus. I have a keen curiosity for how technology can scale and make human lives better. I value good design that creates efficiency and delights.


My opportunities in product development across mobile and web have provided me with a vast range of experiences and insights across product development, good design, delightful human experiences and scalable growth.

From qualitative user research, analyzing data patterns, writing user stories, curating product specs, and millions of API calls later, I have dipped my toes in the challenging, yet rewarding waters of product development. In this, I have uncovered my truest passion: humans and what makes us click.

Personal Curiosity

At my core, I am curious about new technologies like AI, Machine Learning and AR/VR, specifically in the mobile space, and their potential for impact. I am interested in the way they support and enhance human life, create economic opportunity and make the impossible, possible. Constantly exploring new ways we can combine good design with disruptive innovation to enhance day-to-day lives and provide experience, opportunity and time for millions of individuals on a global scale.

I hope to play a leading part in the next wave of technology and revolutionize how the world continues to experience, create, learn and share it all.

If you can’t do it, Google it
— Me