Creative Communicator & Innovator


Passionate about media, technology and innovation

A South Florida native with a background in product, digital arts, technology and merging mediums, but  don't be fooled, my first love will always be food.

My interest took me on a great adventure to the Gator Nation, where I expanded my knowledge with a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications: Media and Society with a focus in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Life in the Swamp brought about a new era of personal exploration and adventure. I began to notice how quickly the world around me evolved, while studying innovation and entrepreneurship as a minor.

My experience at the University of Florida taught me a lot about the thriving start-up community, entrepreneurship, emerging technologies, strategic innovation, team work, leadership and digital communications. Instantly, I knew I was heading in the right direction. 

Digital media is my sport

While most children excelled at football, basketball or soccer, I was the girl redesigning everyone's MySpace page. If you needed something done on the Internet, I was the go to IT girl. Computer not working? Not a problem. Can't connect to Wi-Fi? I got you. Looking for a fancy new web page? I'm on it. 

Social Media Guru

As a child of the Millennial generation, surfing the internet was second nature. I learned how to Tweet just as quickly as I learned my A,B,C's. I grew up in the midst of a social revolution; a time of merging mediums and quickly changing media; a world where more and more was dictated by your online presence, site traffic, followers and likes. A world where every company is doing whatever it takes to stay relevant. This is my world. A place that constantly shifts as I currently watch my world unplug and take the mobile plunge - for on-the-go access, everywhere. 

Creative Junkie

With an aesthetic vision for success, I let my creativity and out spoken mind drive me forward. I am inspired by the ever changing world around me, the people that encompass it and the manner in which we connect with one another, specifically through mobile. 

Currently exploring the cozy streets of San Francisco, California - surrounded by some of the brightest minds of our time. Managing Product at IOVOX - owner of mobile on iOS and Android, as well as web.   

Continuing to develop a broad range of skills at the intersection of marketing and technology to better understand the evolution of human experiences in a connected age.

If you can’t do it, Google it
— Me