Product manager - mobile, web & voice
Team - private telecommunications company

Our mission at iovox is to make data from all phone calls useful, valuable, and actionable. As a product manager at iovox, I am the owner of the strategy, product life cycle and health of our apps across iOS, Android and Web. In this role, I am responsible for driving and delivering solutions that enhance the value and utility to our users. To accomplish this, I provide cross-functional leadership and fortify relationships with internal and external stakeholders to make data driven decisions that deliver results and drive growth. I manage a dynamic team across multiple time-zones to deliver these actionable solutions on time using agile methodology, design principals and product frameworks. I have worked with Elastic Search, MySQL, Natural Language Processing, Transaction Consumers, Rabbit MQ, Restore services,, PHP, Java and other languages and systems to build and scale this product from concept to launch across multiple platforms.

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