Mobile Media Application (iOS)
Team - University of Florida Project

Hired by the Whitney Laboratory in St. Augustine, as a team we were tasked with creating a Citizen Science application for the iOS Platform, with the goal of engaging the local community and promoting citizen science. We are currently utilizing a user-centered IDEO approach while designing the application and working with UI/UX. Our team gathered in St. Augustine to conduct community and field research prior to beginning development in order to decide on aesthetics and archetype personas. After various scenarios and IDEO process methods, the team determined how they believed the app would be serve its purpose. Since, we have created layout sketches, user flow charts, site mappings and wireframes of the mobile application. A working prototype can be found here. This project is still in the works. 

Logo | April 2015

Branding Kit | March 2015

Site Map | February 2015

Wireframe (1) | March 2015

Archetype Personas | January 2015